The History of Nasrettin Hoca
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Who was Nasrettin Hoca?
One of the most well known figures in Turkish culture is Nasrettin Hoca. Though
fictitious, his stories are popular with audiences of all ages. Passed down through
generations, these anecdotes offer humorous insights into human character. One
of his memorable stories is Ye Kurkum Ye. Nasrettin Hoca is invited to a wedding.
He arrives in a humble and plain outfit. No one pays much attention to him and he
is shuffled off to the rear of the reception. Feeling that he should have been
received more graciously, he leaves the party and returns wearing a fur coat.
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The moment he walks through the door, he is welcomed in a grand manner. He is
seated at a VIP table and is lavished with fine foods and drinks reserved for royalty.
Delighted by this treatment, he dips the sleeve of his fur coat into his plate. A
surprised guest asks, “Why are you dipping your fur coat in your dinner?”
Nasrettin Hoca answers, “Well, when I came in here earlier, no one thought I was
worthy of a warm reception. But when I showed up in my fur coat, things changed! I
was treated like an emperor! It’s only fitting that my coat should be rewarded for
this!” In a humorous manner, the story tells us that people don’t generally show
much respect for someone they don’t feel is important. Such insight into human
nature emerges in many of Nasrettin Hoca’s anecdotes. The nice thing about his
anecdotes is that while they can make you think, they can make you laugh as well.